• Positive Reward Based Puppy Dog Training and Home Start

    Puppy Training Home Start

    Puppy Home Starts provide education on: confidence building, manners, socialization, toilet training and beginning basic cued behaviours. Also can help to stop unwanted behaviours such as nipping, chewing, jumping, and barking.

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    Positive Reward Based Dog Training for everyday life skills.

    Basic Training

    Basic dog training is designed to teach the essential cue's that every dog should know and is designed for dogs of all ages with little to no formal training experience.

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    Positive Reward Based Advanced Dog Training

    Advanced Training

    Advanced Training is designed for dogs and puppies that have had basic training and are ready to build on those skills.

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    Dog Behavior Problems, positive Reward Based dog behaviour adjustment training and modification.

    Dog Behaviour Problems.

    Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? Does your dog have a history of biting? Is your dog anxious and nervous and lacks the skills to navigate a through everyday life? Are walks becoming a burden due to your dogs impulsive reactive behaviour?

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    Positive Reward Based dog behaviour adjustment training and modification for aggression.

    Dog Aggression

    Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and knowledge to address it successfully.

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  • Practical. Positive. Empowering. Dog Training and Behaviour Modification with Lasting Results.

    Need to train your companion the basic social skills they require for everyday life? or have a behaviour issue that you need help with?

    Ensure you get the best for both you and your companion by using modern science positive reward based style of dog training: a practical, positive, empowering relationship-focused approach that provides lasting results.

    No matter the breed, age or behaviour issue non-aversive methods of training are successfully used to both modify behaviour issues including aggression as well as train basic companion behaviours. Using methods that empower your dog to have self confidence and impulse control in everyday life, you will learn to both understand and train your dog. Although anyone in the UK can claim to be a Dog Trainer or Behaviourist there has been a huge push over the past years to change this to help owners to choose the best trainer for there needs. 

    Always check that the person you choose has up to date qualifications and is a member of a organisation that has a robust code of ethics for them to follow, such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK which can be found HERE.


  • Training is Fun for all those taking part whether they have two legs or four. If it is not then stop and seek advice from a modern reward based trainer or qualified behaviourist.

    Live Together, Learn Together and Have Fun Together...

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