• Behaviour Modification Sessions

  • Dog behaviour modification session to help with separation anxiety.

    Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? Does your dog have a history of biting? Is your dog anxious and nervous and lacks the skills to navigate a through a busy city? Are walks becoming a burden due to your dogs unruly reactive behaviour? Dog behaviour modification 1-2-1 sessions are here to help both them and you.

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  • Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully. In the initial session your dogs history and general behaviour details are taken and a training and behaviour modification plan designed around their needs and your lifestyle.


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  • Follow up 1-2-1 sessions for dog behaviour modification

    These sessions follow on from the Initial Session and cannot be booked without the Initial session being completed. They are designed around your needs to help you with implementing the training plan, getting over any issues that may arise and adjusting the training plan where required.

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