• 1-2-1 Dog Training Sessions

  • Puppy training at home

    When your new addition arrives at home there is a lot of things that can develop quickly. The Home Start session helps you to get off on the right foot. Advice will be given on the basics of puppy toilet training, diet, socialization, impulse control (manners) and how to stop unwanted behaviours such as nipping, chewing, jumping up and barking. This will help your puppy to grow and develop whilst learning to get used to everyday situations like what to chew and when, being around children, getting used to periods of time alone without getting distressed and getting used to traveling in cars. Your puppy is learning from you every moment of the day they are awake with consistent training and guidance is key to helping them thrive. Empower them with the ability to understand their environment and grow with confidence to become the companion you wish them to be.

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  • Positive reward based dog training outdoors

    Basic dog training is designed to teach essential commands that every dog should know and is designed for dogs with little to no formal training experience. Whatever your dogs age puppy, adolescent or adult they can all learn new behaviours and ways to get through everyday life. Empower your dog to make positive choices allowing them and you to live life to the full.

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  • Dog learning a recall cue for his safety

    The Recall is probably the most important cue we can teach our dogs. It can save their lives as well as avoid many difficult situations once learned. Using fun to train methods you will learn how to build a solid recall in ways that also build the bond between you and your dog. A harness for your dog and a long line are required for the initial stages of learning. 


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  • Border collie learning loose lead walking in a park

    A Walk on a tight lead is no fun for anyone including your dog and if often a behaviour that has been taught to the dog by mistake. Using proven methods you will be shown how to train your dog to walk on a loose lead and also how to avoid reinforcing the unwanted behaviour of pulling.


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