• Our Dogs at Christmas

    14th December 2016
    Our Dogs at Christmas

    The run up to Christmas is a time of year for most when the household dynamics change. From our dogs point of view the humans are moving around a lot more with higher levels of stress and enthusiasm. The number of visitors entering the house is [...]

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    The Dogs Environment

    There are many external and internal factors that all create the individual environment each dog is living within. O’Heare, (2007) defines the environment as:            “All stimuli and [...]

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    The New Positive 4 Paws Blog

    Hi Everyone. Just to let you know of my new blog. Here I will be posting my thoughts and opinions on dog training and behaviour based on my own studying, research and experience. Where permitted by clients I will let you know about training sessions [...]

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    Reinforcement schedules for training

    The reinforcement schedules are Continuous Reinforcement Schedule[1] (CRF) and intermittent reinforcement schedules which subdivided down to Fixed Ratio schedules (FR), Variable Ratio Schedules (VR), Fixed Interval Schedules (FI), Variable Interval [...]

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    Does aggression have benefits for the domestic dog?

    Does aggression have benefits for the domestic dog? The reactive answer to this question would be a profound ‘No’. However, there is a benefit of showing aggression if this is a warning signal that dog is uncomfortable or anxious and [...]

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    Puppy Socialization

    Socialization is a very important part of a puppy's early education. Puppies like all young are not born with social skills or impulse control (self control/manners). Both of these and more need to be taught to the puppy at their own pace and in a [...]

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