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    When your new puppy arrives at home there is a lot of things that can develop quickly and puppy training starts the moment you collect your new family addition. Our dogs are always learning whether it is something we want them to learn or not. Puppy training starts from the moment they arrive home with you the breeder should have started this training for you. With adequate preparation and knowledge we can make our puppies transition towards adulthood as smooth as possible for everyone. Consistency on our part is the key to an enjoyable start to a new life together.

    Home starts are there to help you get off on the right foot, advice will be given on the basics of house training or puppy toilet training, food and also getting your puppy used to everyday situations like what to chew and when, being around children, getting used to periods of time alone without getting distressed and to get used to travelling in vehicles. This is also the time to start their basic training of  sits, downs, settle, hand touches, leaves. Other training like Loose lead walking and recall are also started at this early stage, all training will be designed to suit both your dogs and your lifestyle and abilities. Your puppy is learning from you every moment they are with you whether you think you are teaching or not, i can help you learn how not to reinforce unwanted habits or behaviours and to be the consistent teacher your puppy needs you to be.

     Very quickly a puppy moves into adolescence and getting the basic foundation training in is essential for all breeds.


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